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Retro everdrive

Published on February 15, 2013 at 5:19 PM | by Philippe Baghdassarian


Load ROMs on a NES/Famicom

Krizz just released the Everdrive N8 flashcard which allows you to load ROMs from an SD card on a NES/Famicom. It might seem like this defies the purpose of having a console and the original games however there are tons of custom ROMs available out there which will change the original games. For example, Super Mario Remix lets you play as Toad in completely different levels.

Everdrive N8-360x300

The Everdrive N8 will set you back 100$ but it’s totally worth if you ask me.

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Phil is the Founder of and loves MMOs and RPGs, his favorite series is The Elder Scrolls.

  • Tophstoph

    Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m going to be grabbing this.

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