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Published on February 10, 2013 at 10:37 PM | by Tom Visco


Dayz Standalone Footage Released


For those of you living under a rock since last year, “Dayz” is a remarkably successful tactical survival mod for the ultra-realistic “Arma II.” The mod, developed independently by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall places the player in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested Eastern European nation without the tools to survive. From first spawn, the player must gather food, weapons and ammunition in order to survive the hazardous and hostile environment.

Although claiming to be a survival game, the core gameplay element in “Dayz” is a hybrid PvP experience wherein players compete with one another for the means to survive. While unremarkable at first sight, “Dayz” truly impresses because of its permadeath mechanic. Once dead, be it by zombie or other player, all of the items acquired are lost and you start with nothing once again. “Dayz” toys with player emotions. There is nothing more frustrating than being blindsided and killed by another player, nor more rewarding than stalking a fellow player until he meets a cruel fate by your hand.

“Dayz” has been heralded by many as one of the best mods in history, and certainly of last year. Since late 2012, ‘Rocket’ has been working on a standalone release of the game, which will be akin to “Minecraft’s” cheap release version. ‘Rocket’ plans to keep a free, publicly developed mod available.

Despite its popularity, “Dayz” was not without its problems. Hopefully, with the standalone release, game-breaking hacking will be mitigated. Furthermore, the standalone will give the aging “Arma II” engine a face lift.

Here are some other key features mentioned in the video:

  • New clothing system will provides hundreds of items that can be worn, all offering different bonuses to gameplay, such as inventory slots.
  • New inventory system.
  • More enterable buildings.
  • New swamp area added to Chenarus.
  • Utes, an island in “Arma II,” has been added off the coast of Chenarus.
  • No more static loot piles. Loot will now spawn through building in cupboards, closets, etc. in an attempt to seem more realistic.

As great as this video is, though, the lack of content is disappointing. The new inventory system is not shown, only mentioned. No gun play is demonstrated. And, most importantly, where are the zombies? “Dayz’s” zombies were, frankly, terrible. If you play “Dayz,” it’s for surviving other player encounters, and zombies are often more nuisance than legitimate threat.

‘Rocket’ has been clear that the standalone edition will be done when it’s done. While this isn’t great news, it is good to hear that he’s determined to make it as good as possible. It’s also clear that the partnership between ‘Rocket’ and “Arma II’s” original developers is productive. But still, it’s unclear whether much time is being dedicated to anything more than cosmetic changes. Sure, custom clothing will be great in “Dayz,” but cosmetics were never the selling point of the original mod.

My gut instinct tells me to have faith in ‘Rocket.’ He’s a proven quantity when it comes to game development, and his willingness to listen to the community is a great sign. Nonetheless, I hope we see more footage of this standalone and a release date soon.


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About the Author

Tom Visco is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Politics and Philosophy. He writes about video games for The Pitt News and Tom is a life long gamer. His most recent obsession is Dayz and Arma 2 Wasteland, and he's a dedicated Elder Scrolls and KOTOR fan.

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