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PC dragonborn

Published on January 28, 2013 at 12:08 PM | by Philippe Baghdassarian


Dragonborn Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

The Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is now available for pre-purchase on Steam. It’ll set you back 19.99$ and launch on the 5th of February 2013.

Here is a rundown of the features you’ll get in this DLC:

  • Explore Beyond Skyrim – Leave the province of Skyrim and travel to the coastal island of Solstheim. Encounter the Dark Elven settlers of Raven Rock and the native Skaal, as you unravel the mystery of a Dragonborn’s return.
  • Become the Ultimate Dragonborn – Harness the power of the Voice as you face off against the first Dragonborn. Wield new shouts and spells including Dragon Aspect – allowing you to summon the inner power of a dragon to deliver colossal blows and strengthen other shouts.
  • New Powers – Discover dark powers as you journey into a new Daedric realm. Collect books of forbidden knowledge and choose new paths for your skills and abilities.
  • New dungeons, creatures, weapons, and more – Suit up in Bonemold and Chitin armors and wield Stalhrim weapons as you navigate through a myriad of dungeons. Battle formidable foes like Ash Spawn, Rieklings, and more.

There is no exact release date for PS3 yet, however, it’s been confirmed it will come out sometime next month.

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