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PC q2

Published on January 24, 2013 at 1:16 PM | by Philippe Baghdassarian


Why Quake 2 is the Best Multiplayer Experience I ever had.

Quake 2, was and is still, the best muliplayer experience I ever had. Quake 2 was my first competitive online experience and showed me how to bunny hop, rocket jump and 1 shot rail gun people in the face.

But why Quake 2, why not Quake 3, or Unreal Tournament? The F*cking railgun, is your answer. The fact that you could one shot someone with a gun that took skills to master was perfect. Some players hated it, others like me, who mastered it, loved it.

Another aspect of Quake 2 that recent games do not have was the ability to input console commands such as FOV which allowed you to change your field of view to get a broader view of the map. There were tons of other console commands that you could learn which would give you an edge over the newer players who had just installed the game. This not only meant that you had to master the gaming skills but also master the console commands which gave a somewhat cyberpunk feel to the game.


Q2Dm1 also known as the Edge (pictured below), the de_dust of Quake 2 was the map everyone played on. This was, as far as I’m concerned, the perfect multiplayer map, it was all about map control, if you wanted to survive you had to secure the powerups, the weapons etc. The fact that this map had a central arena made players want to create fan made “modes” were rail-only middle only, all weapons middle only, etc…


I’ll always remember Quake 2 with a special fondness, tell us what was/is your favorite muliplayer experience.

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  • Jesse Tafolla

    I always wanted to play that game… But my PC sucked back then. -__-

  • Jesse Tafolla

    And still does now lol Gotta upgrade pronto~

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