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Retro sega-dreamcast-nuevo-sin-usar-_MLM-F-3148781799_092012

Published on January 22, 2013 at 11:58 PM | by Philippe Baghdassarian


I just bought a brand new Dreamcast sealed in the box for 100$

Just bought this bad boy (pictured below). I found it at a local market here in Mexico City for 100$USD. I also got a used copy of Shenmue to go with it :)


Tags: retro, dreamcast

About the Author

Phil is the Founder of and loves MMOs and RPGs, his favorite series is The Elder Scrolls.

  • Psyrax

    I got one as xmas present too :D

    • nzk0

      Actually mine was also a Christmas present but I went with my wife since she had no idea what a Dreamcast was :P

  • DeezNuts

    Lucky find, friend! And you got one of the best games to go with it!

    • nzk0

      Thanks man, I’m a huge Shenmue fan and reliving it once more was amazing :)

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